This rock music video is also a lesson in sociopolitical conflict.

If this appears to be a music video with a straightforward anti-war message, I’ve done my job. But there are other meanings layered, so the viewer will hopefully interpret it according to his or her paradigm.

My reason for opening it to interpretation stems from my being weary, as many of us are, of the deep political schism caused by the US presidential election. I don’t use music as a soapbox, I aim for my art to be a neutral reflection of the human condition. I want it to provoke thought and unite. I want to pull people outside the box and show them a new perspective. And if they interpret it in confirmation of their chosen dogma, that’s there for them too. I’ve made an effort not to alienate, so everyone will hopefully take from it some sort of affirmation.

Now take a look/listen, noting your emotional reflex. How does the barrage of images feel? Overwhelming? Confusing? Humbling? Infuriating? As it reaches the end, the present day, history asks: “What is the next move?” You might have a strong answer, or you might feel there is no answer. It is my intention to make you feel, think and question.

Incidentally, the song itself was originally meant as a statement about televised news, how it has a way of simultaneously desensitizing and hypersensitizing us to the horrors of the world. As I put together the video, it shaped itself into a vantage point that stands farther back from the timeline and sees a pattern: History repeating. The final message can also be interpreted in different ways. What is the next move? That’s up to you.


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