Machines have no conscience

I took a break from doing whatever it is I do, and dedicated myself to raging full time against the machine. Not trying to be cryptic here, it just translates better in the abstract.

Things I’ve learned:

  1. The machine doesn’t care if you rage against it. It’s a machine.
  2. If you hit the machine with a hammer, someone might step out of it and ask what you are doing. You are no threat, they’re just curious what you’re trying to accomplish.
  3. The machine has caretakers. They monitor its efficiency and make adjustments as needed. Never question its efficiency.
  4. The machine has no creator. It is an artifact of civilization. A reflection of man’s will, and lack thereof.
  5. It’s open-source and crowd-sourced. You are welcome to tweak it or tinker with your own version. Careful of the backdoors.
  6. The machine is a powerful tool. If it pulls your nuts off, you’re using it wrong. Or right, if that’s your intent.
  7. No one said you have to use it in the first place.

    Carry on.


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